Monday, November 16, 2009

Essence, guardian of the remaining histories of Felitika and those descended tells the children of those who were the last to escape the dying planet of the creation story of their people. This is the Felisian mythos and the basis for their theology.

A skull comparison and pelvic analyzation.

A size comparison of the celestial bodies of the du-Sol system. there is also information on the re-sequencing of the planetary orbits after the Nova of the larger sun Sol Magus.

Atmospheric analysis information.

Missing info:
Minaeus "Heart (of the) Small Stone"
No moons
Atmosphere: Minimal; 50% Nitrogen, 40% Carbon Dioxide, 10% trace and lesser gases
Surface: Iron Oxide stone, Obsidian, Granite; no water

Felitaka (Felis Dominstras) "Home (of the) People
One moon: Kitahlun "Moon Child"
Atmosphere: Full; 50% Hydrogen, 45% Oxygen, 5% trace and lesser gases
Surface: Sedimentary Stone, Granite; 60% water/ ice coverage

Diagrams from the Hall of Felisian Records, as presented by Loxodon Aliphante.